Get ready for another unique insight to this beautiful nation with tuk tuk hires in Sri Lanka. For a tuk tuk tour, you could hire one with a driver or you could choose to self drive by renting a tuk tuk and being trained to drive one around Sri Lanka.

With tuk tuk hires in Sri Lanka, a group of 3 tourists can comfortably sit at the back while the driver takes you around to important attractions. If you wish to stop for a drink at any time, simply request the driver and he will stop accordingly. For journeys that go on for days with the same tuk tuk hire, guests should provide driver accommodation and meals, along with his service charge.

For self-drive tuk tuk tours, you can arrange a group of 4 tourists – one to drive and 3 at the back. By Sri Lankan law, no tuk tuk should have more than 3 passengers seated at the back. At the rear of the tuk tuk, there is a small space to store any bags that you may need. While we prepare the necessary documentation for your self-drive tuk tuk tour in Sri Lanka, we will also provide you with the necessary training in driving a tuk tuk. We also have some tuk tuks which you can rent on a daily basis. All you have to do is pump some gasoline and drive as much as you can!