Ever thought a bird watching tour in Sri Lanka would be possible? With My Tour Lanka, it most definitely is!

Sri Lanka has an exclusive collection of bird species, flora and fauna. Here are some facts and figures that will certainly impress you:

  • 427 recorded bird species in Sri Lanka – 250 of these are resident and 33 are endemic
  • Sri Lanka has a variety of environments such as wet, dry, forest, jungle, hill country and low lands, in which bird form their habitats.
  • Wet zone birds: aquatic birds such as the stork, heron, egret, spoonbill, pelican, and ibis.
  • Dry zone birds: huge varieties of ducks
  • Hill country birds: Sri Lanka whistling thrush and the yellow-eared bulbul
  • Forest and sanctuary birds: brilliantly plumaged jungle fowl, and the shy brown-capped babbler
  • Migratory species that arrive around mid August: sandpipers, stints, plovers, terns, harriers, tree warblers, thrushes and cuckoos

In preparing an itinerary for bird watching in Sri Lanka, we maximize the number of habitats, altitudinal zones and other hideouts as much as possible, while maintaining a steady tour pace at the same time. Bird watching tours in Sri Lanka are led by professional English speaking guides who have intense knowledge about birds in Sri Lanka. They are well experienced in spotting rare bird species and are committed towards making your bird watching tour a success.